Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The blur factor

I took this picture in haste. You know when you see something cool and you just lift up your camera to capture the image without time to prepare for it. Obviously I had a very slow shutter speed set up from a previous shot. I'm not sure if it turned out cool, or crappy. I wish I had been prepared. I would have liked to have a tripod, but still use a slow shutter speed. That way everything but the girl would be sharp. As it stands, it's mildly interesting. I like the lighting. Perhaps it would be better if I cropped it a bit so that there was a little less distracting blur. Tell me what you think.

By the way, I was glad to see someone new making a comment. I hope there is more of that in the future. Not much point in doing this if P is the only one viewing it. I bother him with my photos enough as it is. Poor chap. Come one, come all!



You are definately on to something now. Keep shooting.

4:17 PM, March 29, 2006  

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