Sunday, October 22, 2006

More of the Same...

Normally I like to provide at least a bit of variety here, but today I'm ignoring that guideline. Obviously this is a very similar photo to the previous version. I think I like this one a lot better. As with the other, I like the shapes. I haven't had time to Photoshop this, so the annoying horizontal white line behind the thinga-ma-bob in the water is still there. I'll clone it out later. The lighting is a bit of a problem, but the shadows don't bug me too much. Is this better than the other one?

Canon PowerShot S2 IS, 18mm, f/8, 1/200 sec, ISO 50


Blogger Suby said...

Where you been bro? Hiding somewhere. Lovely shot as always. I really do need to take more images like these. I keep saying that and bever do it, one day :D


5:41 PM, October 22, 2006  
Anonymous Laurie said...

I like this one better. I think lanscape orientation might have worked best for this however. But I like it better than the other one.

9:17 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger Stardog Champion said...

Lovely composition here. Simple and relaxing.

2:11 AM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger micki said...

I actually like this one as much as the other. One thing I really enjoy about this image is the color of the sky.

2:44 AM, October 23, 2006  
Anonymous Yanik said...

Simple, yet nice...i like ydays works well..

3:58 AM, October 23, 2006  
Anonymous Kris MacQueen said...

I think it's significantly better, horizon concerns aside. It makes me "feel" better. Also, the trees, bouy and the angle of the sea meeting the outcrop makes for an unlikely triangle form that appeals to me. Nice shot.

5:42 AM, October 23, 2006  
Anonymous Antsylv said...

I thought you hadn't been posting since the pumpkin - didn't know I had to "refresh" to get the latest - Duh!

This one stirred up an "oooh!" response wherreas the close-up was a more intellectually satisfying one.

You are good!

11:07 PM, October 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I couldn't find your e-mail, so I hope this will do. I am looking into attending Newlife in Davao as well, and I'd like to know how you have made out so far. Care to share? Emilie

3:50 PM, April 10, 2007  

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